True Team Section Champions Once Again

Ltrack-thumbnailast year with a surprising victory at the True Team Sections the boys made it to True Team State and they are at it again.

Even though the weather conditions impacted many spring sports this year, the boys still believe that they have accomplished a lot with the little time that they had.

“I believe that I will be prepared, the distance team especially worked very hard. We    practiced in the rain, snow and ice whatever the weather was we were always working,” said     Senior Michael Swearingen. “It did suck but it paid off making it to True Team State.”

For some athletes this is their first year running in True Team State. Getting closer with the coaches and team have helped many athletes this year.

“It feels like I made a lot of progress from my freshman year and that Emmel thinks more of me now compared to last year,” said Sophomore Blaze Solberg. “It was a big opportunity to run in True Team Sections and make it to state my sophomore year.”

Being a coach and having to get everybody prepared in time for meets can be stressful, but you have to rely on the athletes to do as best as they can even with the obstacles they had to encounter with to get where they are.

“I think that they will do fine I’m looking for the best performances from our team, but every other team is in the same boat that we are not having the best season due to weather conditions,” said Head Coach Scott Palmer.

The result of the meet wasn’t as good as the team had hoped for. The boys came in 7th out of 8, but are still hoping for the best when it comes to sections and state.

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