Swinging for the Fences

Senior softball player Emily Varner started playing softball at the young age of five, when she signed up for her first t-ball team. All of her experience from a young age has paid off as she is now a senior captain of the varsity softball team. She is a lefty who plays first base and the outfield, and also has some power from behind the plate.

This season has been vastly different from other years due to the weather, but Varner’s success, along with that of her team, has stayed the same.

“We won the conference championship this year,” said Varner, “and I already have more home runs than I did last year. The weather has sucked but softball with our team is always entertaining. There’s never a boring day.”

There are countless memories that go along with thirteen years of softball, but one stands out above the rest.

“This year at Cambridge I got hit two times in a row in my first two at-bats, but my next time up I hit a grand slam,” said Varner. “That felt really good.”

With finding success on the field,  her many years of softball have also benefitted her in other ways as well.

“Softball has made me a better leader and has also taught me accept the things I can’t control,” said Varner. “I have also learned that you need to work hard to get the things you want.”

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