This year’s freshmen give advice to the Class of 2017

        The new kids on the first day of school are walking in the doors and coming into a new big building where they’re going to come to school for the next four years. They’re the newbies of the place and who knows what is going to happen to them in this new year being a freshman? Who will they become, who will they associate themselves with? How will they and others define them as class of 2016?

    Now that this year of high school is almost over and the first has gone and past freshman are thinking of next year and maybe some are over viewing their first year and what they did, how they did.

     “I wore black on class color day when freshmen were supposed to wear yellow. By accident of course, but I survived…,” said Freshman Cody Hermanson.

So maybe some of us were a little too out of it and got a little too comfortable.

  • “I tried to talk to people more,” said Freshman Abby Staggert.
  • “I had most of my friends in my class,” said Freshman Hanna Smith.

You have some who stepped out of their comfort-zone and tried to at least talk to others besides their own group of friends.Then you get others who were comfortable and don’t care about what the upperclassman thought of them.

  • “I don’t have a comfort-zone,” said Freshman Nick Johnson. “I wasn’t scared of the upperclassman because my sisters a senior,” said Freshman Maria Zimmerman.

You have freshman all over the board in how they liked their year and how they comfortable and how they weren’t.

Next year obviously the freshman are going to be sophomores and they’re few steps closer to becoming the big timers of the school. There is going to be new classes and teachers, and even some planning way ahead for college.

  • “I hope to get all A’s so that I can do PSEO for eleventh grade and twelfth grade,” said Freshman Maria Zimmerman.

  • “Take more classes that I’m more interested in,” said Freshman  Hanna Smith.

  • “To get a GPA of 3.8,” said Freshman  Cody Hermanson.

  • “Be more myself because with my friends I am myself, but not with people I don’t know,” said Freshman Abby Staggert.

You always hear stories of upperclassman picking on the freshman for the year of high school and as a person who comes in the new year in a new building, that’s frightening.

  • “I hope we would be nice to them, but you never know,” said Freshman Abby Staggert.

  • “Well, of course it’s tradition to pick on freshman. Wink. Hopefully nice, except for dress color day. Depends on the person, but overall it’s nice,” said Freshman  Cody Hermanson.

  • “Same as we have been treated,” said Freshman  Nick Johnson.


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