Country music is the top genre for depression and suicide rates

“I listen to mainly pop music because I am a energetic person. But I also listen to some country,” said Freshman Tristan  Hardt.

The type of music that a person listens to can tell a bit about the type of person they are.

Everyone listens to music but not everyone listens to the same thing. For example, out of a randomly selected 30 people surveyed, 13 answered that they mainly listen to rap, hip hop and pop and 11 answered country.

Studies show that country music is the top genre that can lead to depression and suicides.

“ Country music makes me feel good about myself because it shows that I can succeed in life and I don’t think that it causes depression for me at all,” Said Hardt.

From the 30 people who took the survey, 19 said  that the type of music they listen to describes who they are. 22 said that music does actually play a part in depression, but 26 people said that its playing a part to help depression.

No matter what type of music you listen to everyone will react to it in different ways. You listen to what you like and it describes you and that’s all that matters.

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Michelle is a Junior at BHS. She likes animals, singing, and her guitar.

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