BHS Barber: Christian Lagunas

How Lagunas began a thriving barber shop from home

Cristian Lagunas ‘24 has quickly become many classmates’ go-to barber. Lagunas started cutting hair very recently because a friend urged him to. “I started cutting hair around February of 2023 because I got dared to cut my friend’s hair,” Lagunas said. “I was like, ‘Yo, I’m low key not that bad at it.’”

Shortly after Lagunas started cutting hair, his close friend Guillermo Vargas agreed to let him practice on him.

“Cristian tried to do a cross design in my hair,” Vargas said, “but it ended up being way too thick and it looked goofy. I was not worried though because I had an appointment with my actual barber the next day.”
After Vargas started being a “test dummy” for Lagunas, some of his other friends offered to let him cut their hair, including Jared Valenzuela ‘24. “I was not nervous going in,” Valenzuela said, “but after the cut, I knew he had room to improve because he left my neck all red from being too rough with the clipper. Since that day he hasn’t made the same mistake.”

More and more of the school started to notice his barbering skills after starting an Instagram account dedicated to showing his haircuts and progress within the haircuts. This sparked the thought for Lagunas to begin trying to make a career out of this, but he knew it would take hard work and commitment.
“Cristian and I were going to go get food,” Valenzuela said, “but then he asked me if he should buy new clippers or buy himself some McDonalds.” “I got the McDonalds,” Lagunas admitted, “but I ended up getting new clippers shortly after and developed my skills with more and more practice.”

Lagunas has worked with 30-40 clients from BHS and that number continues to grow. He hopes to open his own barbershop someday.

People can reach out to him on his Instagram (@cr_blendz_) and get a haircut right in his front entryway.

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