A choir teacher leaving, and his impact on students

First year Choir Teacher, Isaac Fraundienst sits with his Varsity choir laughing about the daily side convos that catch him off track in between learning music. Fraudienst, better known to his choir students as FD, accompanied by his silly socks, big energy, and sarcastic humor, was the new choir teacher here at BHS. His first year involved directing the Musical, multiple choirs, Unified music, Co-Directing a band class, extracurricular music groups, and coaching track. It was a busy year for FD, but teaching at BHS will now be a thing of the past. Many students have grown fond of him in his short time teaching here, which means that his departure has pulled at some heart strings.

Kyler Jaunich ‘27 has been involved in the Musical and in Repertory Choir, both of which FD had directed.

 “When I come into choir, it’s always fun,” Jaunich said.  “He’s not that type of teacher where it’s just teaching and learning, he’s got that comedy to him.” 

Throughout this year, Jaunich has had a great relationship with the choir teacher which shows through the amount of time spent in the classroom and around FD. 

He said, “I was devastated to see him go, but I’ve let it happen because he is an amazing teacher.”

Kylie Kelm ‘26, a sophomore in FD’s Varsity Choir, shone some light on the way FD has carried on choir and music for his first year. 

“He’s done a fantastic job carrying on old traditions and starting new ones too,” Kelm said. “With such an established music culture that BHS has, he’s done amazing upholding it throughout his time here.”

Kelm describes on a personal level about her thoughts on him leaving. 

She said, “I’m sad he’s leaving, but I hope wherever he goes he’ll flourish because he’s a quality teacher and I know he’ll do well.” 

Liam Morrison ‘25, a member of the Concert Choir, saw these qualities that Kelm previously described while on their trip to Concordia. 

“It was an experience where I was able to connect with him as a teacher, and ask him about things like college,” Morrison said. 

The connection in Morrison’s junior year helped build a new perspective and relationship before entering his last year of high school, but it also did the same for those who are now leaving and heading off to post secondary options. 

Kaylee Dehmer ‘24, a senior involved in many things at school, Concert Choir and BHS singers being two of the many, shares how he created an environment for everyone in his first year here and both of their last. 

“He made it a priority to make sure people could talk to him and feel supported,” Dehmer said.

In his one and only year here, Isaac Frauendienst managed to build relationships with the students, give perspective, and of course teach music. It’s sad to see teachers go, but it’s a touching experience to have had one with such an impact on their students. One of his favorite sayings, “Rock on!”, is reflective of how he wants to live his life, and encourages his students to do so as well.

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