Untold stories: What really goes on during ‘bathroom’ breaks

“Can I go to the bathroom,” is the common phrase used on a daily occasion by BHS students. But the real question is what are students really doing when they leave the classroom.

“If I wanted to actually go to the bathroom I would just leave,” said Senior Mariah Brings.  “If I ask to go I’m probably going to do something else.”

Teachers must be oblivious to the fact that students leave for a good 30 minutes and don’t come back, for Junior Marissa Mack her time is spent anywhere but the classroom.

“On my phone I have a farting app, and when I see someone go into the girls bathroom I‘ll go in there and play farting noises and just make everyone in there so scared and uncomfortable,” Mack said.

Others use their time to go see friends or ditch out on a presentation in class. But the common theme for most was that they don’t actually go to the bathroom.

When guys ask to go to the bathroom however it’s a little different story.

“Guys will come up behind you when you’re peeing, and shake you and its literally like a fire hose all over,” said Mason Cox.

The bathroom is used in a variety of ways and is a good escape for many.

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