The hunt for Summer jobs is on

As school comes to an end, there’s a growing demand for teenage employment. The hunt for a job isn’t always as easy as it might seem, especially if there was no previous experience in the job field. Many students find themselves applying at places they don’t have any desire to work at, because they are running out of options.

Another factor that plays into the difficulty of getting a job is the fact that college students are released for the summer before we are, which allows them to have the ability to work more hours than the students that are still stuck in school.

“I think that jobs will be limited because they would rather have older college students who have experience than new workers,” said Sophomore Cassie Sawatzke.

There’s a price that you have to pay when trying to balance school as well as a job during the school year.

“It’s really hard to juggle school and work with sports also involved, because you need to get enough hours to pay for stuff,” said Sophomore Anna Demgen.

As a result of the stress of working too many hours while still attending school, students are forced to choose between hanging out with friends or getting paid.

“You have no life, you have to pick either a social life or money,” said Sophomore Kenzi Laumann.

On the other hand, some students don’t have a problem finding a job while lacking any previous training.

“I didn’t find it difficult getting a job without having experience, the first place I applied I was hired at within a day,” said Sophomore Mallory Ross.

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