Buffalo High School’s Controversial Hallway Crush Instagram Account

Students and staff find account "inappropriate and rude"

The BHS hallway crush account’s first post was June 6th, 2023. The account involves people sending photos of themselves or others if they think they’re cute or just to be funny. There are many different kinds of people that have been posted on the account, ranging from the principals and teachers to students of every grade.

The majority of the pictures on the account are funny and usually embarrassing. If someone doesn’t want their picture on the account, they can simply DM (direct message) the account, and they will take the picture down, as stated in the account’s description. Currently, the account has 597 posts, and the most recent ones are slideshows of multiple people in each post. Many people don’t really care for the account though.

When asked how he felt about being posted on the account, Eli Carter ‘27 commented “I’m not a fan of it, but it’s kind of fun.” Sophia Clarke ‘25 says, “It’s funny when people use it, but it degrades teachers and students. It also invades people’s privacy and isn’t as fun as it used to be.” The account isn’t just posting students anymore, but are now crossing the line into BHS staff members. Many teachers didn’t even realize that they were on this account and found it very inappropriate and rude.

 Many other students have been affected by the account but aren’t mad at the person who owns the account, rather their own friends who are sending pictures in without permission. With almost none of these posts having the subjects consent to be posted, this is in violation of the student handbook which states: “students are prohibited from photographing, recording or making any electronic record of other students, staff, or visitors without express consent of the individual that is the subject of the recording, photographing, or electronic recording them in anyway.”

The owner of the account requested to remain anonymous. When asked why they started the account they said, “I saw someone else do it for a different school and I decided it’d be fun to make one for ours.” In the beginning, the creator didn’t think the account would take off like it has, “I thought that at most I’d have around 100.” A small number of the creators’ friends know they run the account, but no one has tried to get them in trouble. The creator also stated: “Originally it was just for fun, and my friends and I would post people who we thought were cute.” When asked if there had been any pictures that were too inappropriate that they couldn’t post on the account and their responded “Yeah, there’s been a lot, and a lot of photos that would be too mean to post as well.”

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