Seniors Attend Baccaleaureate

Last Wednesday, May 22nd, Seniors that go to various churches in Buffalo were invited to attend a final send off in the form of a group worship. Baccaleureate was attended by dozens of students, parents, grandparents and pastors from each church participating from Buffalo.

The Baccaleureate was unique because the entire worship service was student ran. Senior Markus Lee delivered a sermon after Senior Andrew Mussell spoke the gospel. Baccaleureate was a different experience for each person in attendence.

“Listening to Markus deliver the sermon gave me a different idea about God. His message was something that I would have never head at Zion. I didn’t agree with everything but, I did gain a different perspective,” said Senior Chad Peterson.

The worship service was held at United Methodist Church in Buffalo. The location changes every year and each church takes a turn hosting it.

“It was neat seeing the Methodist Church. I usually don’t get the chance to be in different churches. It was weird for me because I’ve only gone to Zion,” said Peterson.

The experience was an example of how church and faith can organize community events without having the school involved. Baccaleureate is a send off before graduation to celebrate through church.

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