Seasonal depression: Are grades and overall efforts slipping?

This time of year can put some people into a slump. It’s cold out. Most of the time you’re tired and feel less motivated to do stuff, like school work. Some students feel that it’s getting closer to the end of the school year so they don’t have to try as hard. When students get into this mood do their grades start suffering? Does the long winter have this big of effect on students?

“I have no motivation at all this time of year, I don’t even want to work out. It’s cold out and I just want to cuddle up and watch Netflix.” says junior Allie Kurre. “I’m not motivated to do homework, so I just end up winging the test and don’t do as well.”

Students just feel tired this point in the school year. They have made it to third quarter, and there are a lot of things they start looking forward to. Spring break, prom, and summer start sinking into their minds. We get excited for these things, and they start pulling our focus from school.

“I’m sick of doing homework,” says junior Chelsey O’Donnell. “I’d much rather watch TV. I’m to the point where I’d rather do anything other than homework. I want summer to come so I can be done with school.”

Even though the events coming up take our focus off of school and place it somewhere else, it’s nice to have fun things to look forward to and be excited about. Sometimes they’re the only things that can help get students through the rest of the year.

Photo submitted by: Chelsey O’Donnell

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