Battle of the consoles

The classic battle of the consoles, PS4 or Xbox One? Which one is better? Which one should you buy? Or should you even make the switch to next gen gaming consoles?
“Im a proud owner of the xbox one, I think, in my opinion that the xbox one is better, but I do think Sony did a great job with the PS4..” -Said senior Trevor Mishler.

The hype of next gen gaming has slowly died since the launch of the 2 consoles and is settling into the long run. At launch the PS4 was ahead greatly in sales and still is ahead, but not by much, with the One traveling close behind. The xbox One originally bundled the Kinect sensor in the package making the price $499 which is $100 higher than the PS4 selling at $399, which affected their sales, with the PS4 being the better deal. Microsoft then released another option, they sold Xbox One without the Kinect at a more affordable price of $399.

“The Xbox One release price was pretty crazy and I wouldn’t even use the Kinect feature. But its good they finally made a price drop.” -Said senior Max Hartman.
Theres many aspects of each console we could get into and compare to each other, Controllers, Intro and design, specs, Graphics comparison, price, best games, apps, and more. Both being very great consoles, if you haven’t purchased a next gen console yet congrats! But there hasn’t been a better time to buy one.
I personally really like what PS4 has to offer compared to the Xbox One. With the controllers, they both produced very great designs and both sitting really comfortably in your hands while playing. But id stick with the PS4 controller, its lighter and the buttons are positioned very well compared to the Xbox One controller.

Comparing graphics, The Xbox One has slower DDR3 RAM, making the PS4’s graphics better, but don’t let that make your final decision because its not really noticeably better, unless looking at a side by side look.

Games, they both have really good game lineups which is more of a self opinion on what games you would prefer.

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