The student and teacher bodies take on advisory halfway through the year

The 2022-2023 BHS school year is already over halfway through, but with all the classes, schoolwork, and extracurriculars, what does the student and teacher body think about Advisory?

New to BHS, there was a change with Advisory from doing Character Strong to video lessons. Different from everyone else, freshmen have not experienced the old curriculum.

Jillian Pack ’26 has successfully finished over half of her first year with the new Advisory lessons where she gets to focus on fun, but sometimes she can’t meet her needs. “It’s a lot of fun,” Pack says, “but when I want to get work done it’s hard.”

Every Advisory is different. Some can be the opposite of what Pack experiences. Faith Schmidt ’25 doesn’t feel so positive about hers. “It’s just kind of boring, and I don’t really like my Advisory,” Schmidt says.

Although upper-classmen have had more time to be in Advisory than Freshmen or Sophomores, they still-with the most recent years of inconsistency-have finally gotten into the swing of it. “I have just gotten a good community,” says Bode Russell ’24. “I like that I have time, but still less because of the lessons,” Russell says.

Now the ones whose first year of high school was over a screen. The students who have a span of fewer than three months left of their high school careers. Which means they are on the last stretch of Advisory. Gavin Juenke ’23 shares his thoughts on what he has had for almost four years. “My teacher is cool, but most people don’t pay attention,” Juenke says. “The lessons have been good, but people don’t care,” Juenke says.

Last, but most certainly not least, teachers. The ones who while we have been experiencing it all, they have been here every step of the way. Ashley Lostetter, a FACS teacher, currently has juniors, and she’s sharing her experience as a teacher in Advisory. “The legitimate reason could be helpful, but with my 11th graders, I am just getting to really know them.” Lostetter says. “Independent relationships are there whether it’s related to the lesson or not,” Lostetter says.

All the opinions and different perspectives about something people all have in common here at BHS can never be shared through 5 people, but it’s a start to hearing voices from a wide range of the school.

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