How Do You See Yourself Becoming Famous?

Every student in high school has some kind of dream of potentially becoming famous someday. Many ideas on becoming famous are unique and personal to people and then there are the common ideas of wanting to play in the NBA and be a celebrity on social media.

Junior Alex Beckman could see himself being a Rap artist

“I’ve always been a really good rapper with dank raps,” Beckman said.

Junior Kaden Stubstad sees himself becoming a famous lawyer. Becoming one of the famous lawyers is his dream.

“I see myself taking down the famous criminals in court,” Stubstad said.

“Probably a fashion model cause that would be really cool to get payed a lot of money to dress up and look good,” said Junior Lauren Zweifel

Junior Brandon Maatz said he will be the first NBA player to win a Nobel Prize.

“I like to play basketball and I’m really interested in science experiments,” Maatz said, “so it would be cool to be a famous athlete and scientist.”

Widely known parking lot attendant Aaron Starry had this to say when asked how he thought he’d become famous?

“I’m really into fishing, especially pan fishing so maybe winning a big pan fishing tournament,” said Starry.

Blade Goding has had a big passion for dirt bike racing for his whole life.

“It’d be really cool to be a professional Dirt bike racer, racing with all of the professionals”,said Goding.

This goes to show that a lot of people have some pretty unique ideas about what they’d want to be if they were to become famous. What is your goal for when you want to be older, and would that be the thing you’d want to be famous for?

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