Legend of the Sub: LeRoy Erickson

One of BHS students' favorite subs is also a legendary teacher and coach

Leroy Erickson. You know the name. Erickson is a widely known substitute teacher at Buffalo High School. He is a fan favorite for most students due to his friendly, down-to-earth persona. Students say he makes the time to get to know them when he is leading classes.

With that being said, BHS students shared their thoughts about the Legend himself.

“He’s chill,” Sophomore Camden Hegna said. “He’s super nice and kind. He’s a very helpful guy.”

Junior Carter Jerde also enjoyed having Erickson as a sub.

“He’s a beauty, very intelligent man,” Jerde said. “He’s a great sub and teacher. He really helps us learn.”

Kaden Stubstad, Junior, had a very positive input about Erickson.

“I love him,” Stubstad said. “Every time I see that he’s my sub, my spirits go up. It makes me happier. Not only is he a good sub, but he’s also a good man.”

Erickson reflected on his past as well. He was a teacher at BHS for 40 years. He taught sociology and world studies and was also a basketball and baseball coach. He still coaches football to this day.

Erickson started subbing right after his teaching career ended. He retired in spring of 2008 and began subbing in fall of 2008. Not much of a break for Erickson.

“I started subbing because school has always been a good place to go,” Erickson said. “I like being a part of it. The students are fun and idealistic. I had a lot of teacher friends too. I enjoy it.”

For Erickson, the thing he enjoys most about subbing is the interaction with the different people and classes he teaches.

“Subbing is a diversity,” Erickson said. “Rather than teaching one class, I get to teach in different areas, and see how teachers work with different kids. I learn something every day.”

He has substituted for every subject except band and choir. He liked subbing social studies and physical education the most, but his favorite is American and World History. “That’s where I can find out things about the past and connect them to today,” he said.

As stated earlier, he still coaches ninth grade football. He got into football because he’s always been a fan of the game. He played football at Augsburg University and keeps his knowledge for his ninth graders.

“I played in college. I’ve always enjoyed the sport. The camaraderie you gain is awesome,” he said. “You gain respect for the people who kick the crap out of ya.”

He also loves the strategy behind football. Making and calling plays is a great pleasure to him.

“I like designing plays. I was a defensive coordinator here (at BHS) for 35 years,” he said. “I like the strategy. I also love seeing the kids grow. Telling them to do something and then they go do it, is awesome to me.”

Mr. Erickson is a very popular man among the people of Buffalo, especially in athletics and teaching. The impact he’s left, and the joy he still brings to everyone is remarkable. With this school year marking the 50th year with Erickson teaching in some form some might wonder when he’s gonna give it up, let’s hope he never does and keeps bringing a smile to kids faces as the legendary sub.

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