Buckle Jeans – Is the Price Worth the Looks?

Do guys look good in Buckle jeans? Some think the jeans might be too feminine, others seem to favor them over any other type of jeans.

Senior Charlie Rents is one of the students that favors Buckle jeans.

“I have around six pairs of Buckle jeans and I spend an average of $70 everytime I go”. With the cost of the jeans some people say it is worth the price you pay.

Many girls think boys look good in buckle jeans, as long as they aren’t more feminine than their jeans.

“I don’t mind if boys wear Buckle jeans as long as they don’t have more of a sparkle on their jeans then mine,” said Senior Amanda Letsinger.

A normal cost for a pair of boys’ Buckle jeans is $80 or more. Girls’ jeans cost around $90. With the price of Buckle jeans comes a good question, how many pairs of jeans do most people have?

Sophomore Sammy Johnson owns 18 pairs of Buckle jeans and spends around $100 every visit.

“I like when boys wear Buckle jeans,” Johnson said, “because it makes their butts look really cute.”

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