Wrong Times at Wright-Tech

Is the new schedule causing problems with Wright-Tech students?

With the new shorter schedule this year, Buffalo High School’s students often complain about needing more time in their everyday classes. Students went from four 80-minute class periods, seven minutes of passing time, and a quarter schedule to five 60-minute class periods, five minutes of passing time, and a trimester schedule. Most students still have adequate time to work on their projects and assignments to the best of their abilities. However, the students who feel like they lack this time are seniors in Wright-Tech. Any senior in this college-level program lost 30 minutes in Wright-Tech and base time (one less hour of class total).

Wright-Tech is a specialized program that offers various fields, allowing students to participate in high-level learning during the school day. These opportunities can lead to internships and college credits. Buffalo seniors in this program leave at 9:58 and arrive at Wright-Tech within 10 minutes. When students arrive at their Wright-Tech class, they only have an hour of work time remaining. Due to the lack of time given, students often feel rushed and pressured to complete their work. Students from other districts have a little over two hours of work time, over double what Buffalo students have, leaving them frustrated and feeling behind.

Fabian Maldonado ’25, a Delano student studying welding at Wright-Tech, says, “Wright-Tech for Delano gets 2 hours of class to work on projects and takes up our 1st and 2nd-hour classes (6 classes a day). Even though Wright-Tech is taking up two of my classes, I haven’t had any issues with grades or feeling behind this year in [any of] my classes.”

Buffalo’s new schedule caused Wright-Tech students to lose BASE Time. BASE Time is a 30 min period for students to sign up for teachers to get some work done, help with assignments, retake a test, etc., instead of coming before or after school. Losing this time can cause grades to lower, students to have to go out of their way for retakes or extra time, causing extra stress.

“If I still had BASE Time, my grades would be at least a letter grade higher,” said Buffalo student Joshua Froberg ’24. “I wouldn’t have to worry and make plans to come in before school to take a test I missed. Even now, I wish we had BASE Time and more time in Wright-Tech. It still is helping me with my future career in the Marine Corps.”

Interestingly, Buffalo is the only school in Wright-Tech that has received many complaints about the lack of time; like Froberg, it can be a real challenge to boost grades within the limited time frame provided by the school.
“If we had more time in Wright-Tech, I could take my time instead of rushing to get things done,” said Welding Student Colton Borden ‘24. “Compared to the other schools, it feels like a consistent catch-up game, but you never win.”

The main problem for BHS Wright-Tech is the time. Students only get an hour of work time for Wright-Tech, which takes up second hour and BASE Time. This caused Students to feel rushed, stressed, and even a lower grade average. Students hope that BHS doesn’t damage Wright-Tech by lowering class time. “I want to have fun when I’m learning,” Borden said, “Instead, I’m thinking about if I mess this weld up, I’m screwed.”

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