BHS Students and Staff Reflect on Women Who Have Shaped Their Lives

For International Women's Day 2020 members of BHS share how women inspire and affect them

Women’s Day is an annual celebration of all the obstacles women have overcome, and all the accomplishments they have yet to achieve. We spoke with people at BHS to help them express the importance of women in their life through stories and photography.

Jack Leipholtz ‘20 Three Sisters “Mostly my mom and my three sisters. They’re all really strong, smart and they’ve taught me a lot.
Kayden Dols ‘22 Emmie Close “She brings happiness in my life.”
Wren Drennan ‘23 Mrs. Lostetter “She always checks in on me and makes sure I’m doing okay. I just really appreciate her.”
Mr. Lachowitzer Elisabeth Lachowitzer “I would say my wife, Elisabeth. She is a super hard working woman who is also a great mother and wife and she is so selfless. She is so driven to be successful as a professional as well.”
Gretta Heinecke ‘21 Mrs. Laurie Raymond “I appreciate that she is very motivational in a lot of ways, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone, which I feel like is a double standard between guys and girls is like if a guy were to do that he’d be considered a really strong leader, but a lot of times I feel like Mrs. Raymond in mock would not get called stuff because everyone was afraid of her to say anything bad about her.”
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