MSHSL limits fan attendance at State Basketball Tournament

Today's basketball game against Maple Grove is still on as scheduled

The COVID-19 coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on the US and could now affect the Minnesota State basketball tournament by limiting the number of people attending the game. Earlier this afternoon, John Milea of the Minnesota State High School League tweeted:

“Due to Coronavirus concerns, a limited number of spectators will be permitted at girls state basketball and adapted floor hockey tournaments Friday and Saturday, and remaining section boys basketball games.” 

This will impact students and basketball fans that usually attend this event every year Taking in the effect of the coronavirus. 

Basketball fan Senior Kaden Stubstad said, “Yeah, it sucks. I went last year and I was looking forward to going with my friends this year because there’s a chance our team could go to State.”

Story by Dalton Curtis and Logan Smitherman

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