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We all get the urge or feeling to post something random, or “out there” on our social media sites, but we hold back because we don’t want to be judge by our peers, or we feel insecure about it. There is this a longing an urge that you have now to be post these things that clutter your mind. They may drive you crazy, they may not, but there actually is an app for that.

Cool thing about this app is, it’s like a mini-Facebook; you can post anything you want. Expect there is no profile, no profile picture, and the best thing about it is everything you post in anonymous, so no one will know it’s you- no one. You might have seen it in the App Store or scrolling down your Facebook, but this wonderful app is Whisper.

“I think it’s pretty cool. It would be fun just to read everything, but how it gets raunchy is kind of weird,” said senior Taylor Simone. “When people post things you want to know who said,” said senior Sherri Seppala.

Whisper is an app where people post, or “whisper” anything you want, you like or “heart” a whisper that you like. You find that people are free spirits on Whisper, they’re not afraid to be themselves and be self expressive. You may say that it’s because people know no one will know who they’re and that probably is the answer.

They’re a variety of different whispers and a wide range of things people say. For fun here are a few whispers: “I’m a responsible mother. But occasionally I’ll go into my son’s room, take his weed, and indulge.”, “I accidentally texted my boss asking her for weed.” Another one, “My husband and I don’t usually tell people how we met… he was my probation officer.”

“It would probably make me feel uncomfortable,” says sophomore Delaney Nord.

The creators behind Whisper, WhisperText LCC said Whisper, “will prevent cyberbullying.” Since you do have a random nickname that you get the first time you whisper something, like  german_froggy. Another statement states that the network community at Whisper has had feedback telling them Whisper has helped people stop self-harming behaviors.

“The anonymous part could kind of prevent it, but if you say something mean about someone they could see it still. That’s not direct or online bullying, but it could still affect them and want to hurt themselves. I don’t think it can prevent it completely,” explains Simone.

For your entertainment… Whisper has now added ‘Nearby’ whispers, so you can see what people over in Monticello are whispering about.

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Emily Vogt

"To what will you look for help if you will not look to that which is stronger than yourself?"- C.S. Lewis

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