Prom Panic: Phase 1

Even though the big day is two months away, the preparation has already begun. And with that preparation comes the first phase of Prom Panic.

First comes finding the perfect dress. Ladies search far and wide, going all the way to stores like Glitz at the Mall of America or Mestads in St. Cloud. Some just check the local thrift stores in hope to find a good deal. For many, the hunt starts in early February until around the end of April at the latest.

“I probably won’t get my dress until like a week before,” said Senior Beth Weeks.

“Right now, I’m kind of just perusing [for dresses],” said Senior Rachel Koch, “Last year by this time I was freaking out, but this year I probably won’t get a dress till like a couple weeks before.”

Next comes the worry of finding a date or getting asked. 42% of 153 girls surveyed said their biggest worry is finding someone to go with while  44% of guys fear going solo to the big night.

“I’m still on the lookout [for a guy to go with], otherwise I’ll take Sully [Freshman, Sullivan McKinley] as a backup plan,” said Senior Katie Glen. 

 Prom has mixed reviews and opinions when it comes to the guys.

“Prom is hugely overrated,” said Senior Mitchell Annis

“I’ve been practicing my dance moves for the past 2 years and I’m ready to break them out,” said Junior Jacob Jungwirth.

Whether you end up finding the perfect dress or date, prom is a great experience for many.

“I’m excited, it’s going to be a blast,” said Junior Ryan Bunting.

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