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You have to see this! Reed Kuhlman Freestyles Dubstep

“Once I hit a move, I can feel the beat and everything comes natural. It is something I know I am pretty good at, so it’s easy for me.  I feel like it’s something I can connect with. I feel confident doing it.”

Four months ago, Junior Reed Kuhlman found a video on YouTube of a guy who goes by the name of NonStop who dances “dubstep.” Nonstop’s video’s encouraged Kuhlman to try this style of dancing. He started out practicing simple movements, like waving. From there on, practicing everyday became a routine for Kuhlman.

“I practice everyday for sure. Probably around three hours or so,” said Kuhlam. “As long as I have music, I’m always dancing. I can predict the beats and drops to songs I don’t even know very well. I can dance to the song like I’ve been listening to it my whole life.”

Skrillex and Flux Pavilion are some of the beats that bump through Kuhlman’s headphones while practicing. While Kuhlman was dancing his way up and down the halls, he caught the attention of his friends who suggested he try out for the Buffalo High School Tri-M talent show.

“The Tri-M show was kind of a last minute thing. I was nervous right before I went on stage, but once the music came on, I was totally fine. I didn’t have a set routine, I just freestyled the whole thing,” said Kuhlman. “I was comfortable up there, the music just flowed through me. It’s like breathing at this point, it’s easy and I don’t have to really think about it.”

Story By Maddi Herzfeld & Bailey Hanson

Photos By Mariah Brings

Video By Parker Morehouse

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