Who’s Talking About Prom?

At buffalo high school already in January, people are talking about prom?

Junior Hannah Adams, a junior at buffalo high school loves to talk about prom. “There’s so many fanciness, excitement, and everyone’s imagination. It’s a special night but everything’s going to be expensive. If you don’t have the perfect dress, you won’t have a perfect night.” said Adams.

Everyone at lunch tables are talking about dresses and how everyone’s going to look so pretty. Knowing that prom won’t be until May.

Junior Jennifer Nelson says “there’s so many dresses to pick from because there all so pretty and it hard to choose one from a million.” Said Nelson.

People waiting to be asked standing by for that right person to ask you to prom is probably the most exciting in girls, on the other hand guys hate the word prom.

“Nice cars, and parties” said Senior Austin Young’s when he was asked what comes to mind when he hears about prom.

But some other guys think much differently from others.  “ It is very expensive buying all these things, and  having to look right.” says Senior Mitchell Vallie

Even though it’s true buying all these things for prom. But to a lot of people its very important to look like the most prettiest one out there.

Junior Alyssa Baldwin “I’m really excited for this. Finally my turn, I’ve been waiting since elementary.” There are so many dresses to choose from, I don’t know which one to get!” Said Baldwin

People say it’s beyond belief.

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