One Million Dollars and One Week

If you knew it was your last week, and I handed you one million dollars, how would you choose to spend it all? Some people with one week left would choose to do some stupid things but others have realistic goals.

“I would buy a plane ticket.” Said Senior Katie Rooney. “I’d want to travel the world and experience all that’s out there.”

“I would get all the important people in my life together and try to set them up.” Said English Teacher Tracy Hagstrom-Durant.”After that I would go to Disneyland or Hawaii because I’ve never been to either of those places before. After that I would go screw around with the remaining money.”

“I would buy a cool car and go skydiving.” Said Senior Andy Hartung. “Skydiving is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

“I would take my family and all of my friends on a cruise.” Said Junior Josh Robinson. “After the cruise they could take the remaining money and distribute it between them.”

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Nolan Triden

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