What do BHS Students Really Think About Group Projects?

Teachers rely on group projects to cut down classwork time, but how do students feel about this approach?

Group projects provoke many mixed emotions for a variety of different reasons. Doing the work of five people doesn’t appeal to BHS students. Additionally, many students don’t like the thought of not being in complete control of the grade they get and will do whatever work is needed to get a good grade.

“I end up having to do extra work and putting my trust in people who I don’t know,” said Ava Peterson ‘25. “When they don’t do their part I have to do it anyway, so I might as well do an individual project.”

“I was never a huge fan of group projects because I like to be in control,” said Spanish Teacher Jess Nickelson. “However, as a teacher I do believe that they are absolutely necessary to help students learn to work with people they aren’t comfortable with and grow skills they will need later in life.”

Out of 30 students surveyed, 80% said that they did not like group projects and would rather do an individual one. Many agreed that although they don’t like them, they are beneficial and they understand why teachers do them.

“I like working in a group because there are multiple people with different brains and ideas and you can bounce off of each other,” said Ella Kragerud ‘25. “Group projects have helped me learn to speak up, but also know when to take a step back and let someone else do their thing.”

According to students surveyed, group projects can be a good way to promote connection in classes. They can help people learn how to communicate with others which they can carry over after high school.

“I have been able to connect with so many people because of group projects,” said Eden Johnson ‘25. “I am very outgoing and I love having the opportunity to work with new people. I was able to connect with an old teammate because of a group project and now we are really good friends.”

Although group projects often have a bad reputation, according to students they aren’t all bad. Teachers might just be trying to help prepare you for the future.

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