Cheating Scandals: How AI is Corrupting Schools

New technology is created every day. Some helpful, and some dangerous.

Is the new generation at BHS doomed? Many teachers and students have been warned about new Artificial Intelligence technology. Students have been caught abusing it for answers and having their essays written by robots. 

Now that students have access to AI on Snapchat, teachers are getting more concerned that kids are using it. Students who didn’t use AI, have been accused of it when they were innocent. 

“The one and only time I wasn’t using [AI], I got accused of it and had a long talk about something I didn’t do,” said an anonymous sophomore.

“Once I got caught talking to my AI and the teacher saw me,” a junior said. “I got a long talk on how I’m cheating my education by using it.” 

Cheating using AI is not only against academic integrity but some believe it defeats the purpose of learning on your own. Society has different opinions on this topic, and some believe it helps students.

“It by far helps. It gives people ideas, and it really helps when you are able to get away with it,” a sophomore added.

Teachers at BHS have struggled with their students lying and cheating. They have developed far different opinions. 

“It’s plagiarism and it’s not beneficial for kids to be getting away with it, they aren’t learning by using this machine and it’s corrupting them,” said a BHS teacher.

AI can be a problem because it can make students think that the AI knows everything and can always be trusted. AI can give biased opinions making the student value the AI’s opinion over their own.

“I think I’m smart enough to not use it but when I am stumped, I ask it a question,” said a junior, “I still don’t know if it’s going to be right or not. [AI] is very inconsistent.” 

Artificial intelligence is not always reliable. Many students and teachers have strong opinions about whether it’s helping or destroying our education. 

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