What are the new “Action for Happiness” posters around the school about?

There are some new posters that were put up around the school, but what are they promoting, and who put them up?

On the monitors and posted on the walls around the school are posters new to most students. The “Action for Happiness” posters promote a global online movement that encourages people to perform daily acts of kindness. The motion is self-described as  “A movement of people taking action to create a happier and kinder world, together.”

Do Good December Calendar Ava Peterson | Hoofprint.net

On their website, actionforhappiness.org, one can find a “Do Good December” calendar made up of an action to perform each day of December, available in 29 languages. The promotion posters also encourage students to tag an Instagram account, bhs action4happiness, after posting a picture showing their good deeds. Behind the account and posters are members of the NHS, the student council, and some staff.

Vanessa King, the head of psychologies for Action For Happiness, says the theme for December is all around kindness, she suggests three tips to celebrate Do Good December: perform no-cost acts of kindness, add meaning to your thank-yous, and don’t forget yourself to be kind to yourself. For more information on these tips check out her video at actionforhappiness.org/calendar.

These calendars and ideas are not specific to December; an updated version is available each month. Some past calendars were Self Care September, Optimistic October, and New Ways November.

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