Freshmen expected to make an impact on Varsity teams

Hans Pederson and Kami Moser played Varsity sports before their first day of highschool

Hans Pederson has always been the biggest player on the football field until this year. Pederson ‘26 is a 6-foot tall freshman, who played Varsity football just this season.

Being on Varsity Football was something that changed how Pederson felt about the team he was on. Having people on a team with him that were the same size as him was something new to Pederson.

“It felt weird to be the tallest person on a team every year,” Pederson said, “being on varsity made me feel like I fit in with the others, size-wise.”

Pederson’s Varsity Football season isn’t the same as other Varsity season experiences. Kami Moser ‘26, a shy hockey player, joined the varsity girl’s hockey team very young. For Moser, it wasn’t about her size that changed how she felt. It was easy for Moser to achieve what she wanted when the team was there to make her feel good. 

“It feels good,” Moser said, “I wasn’t really nervous because I knew most of the girls, it was a real confidence booster, and made me feel very proud of myself,” Moser said. “Reagan Wurm [‘23] really helped me feel more comfortable and welcomed,” Moser said “She really goes out of her way to make sure everyone is included and feels like they are a real part of the team.” 

In Moser’s season, a good teammate has helped her transition into the Varsity Hockey team, and feel involved even as a freshman. For others, joining a team might not always be like Moser’s. In Pederson’s experience, the team has brought on his inspirational aspect of being a freshman on Varsity Football, and he pushes others to go for their dreams just as he did. 

“If people think your dreams are crazy,” Pederson said, “show them what crazy can do.”

Moser and Pederson, though different people, had a similar experience. Both are very happy they got the opportunity to meet new people, and make their dreams come true. Hopefully, they inspire you to do the same.

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