Wash Up or Ooze Out

“Skin oozes watery pus. It itches like crazy. it’s sort of blistery. If you touch it, it can spread to other parts of the body.”

Impetigo is a skin disease that is spread by skin contact with someone who is infected. It is commonly spread in sports because of body contact. Wrestling in particular.

“Sometimes we have multiple matches in a row and people just don’t shower,” said Junior Auston Alvarez.

To help prevent spread of skin diseases this year the wrestling team has given the athletes disinfecting wipes but the downfall is they sting your eyes and irritate your skin so many of the wrestlers don’t use them as much as they should.

“I used the wipes on my cheeks, but I didn’t on my forehead and thats where I got the impetigo.” said Alvarez.

There are also other sports as well that you can get impetigo in, like football and lacrosse. There was a recent instance where a girls lacrosse player inherited the disease due to poor cleansing of equipment. The same reason Senior Tyler Maxson came in contact with another skin disease in football his sophomore year.

Maxson has had the disease known as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

“MRSA is a staph infection. Staph infections can usually be treated by methicillin or penicillin but MRSA is resistant to these drugs so they need to use new and unique drugs to get rid of it.” said Maxson “The only problem with this is that they can adapt to the new drugs and become resistant to them as well.”

Staying clean and making sure to get monthly appointments to the doctors office can help prevent and get rid of diseases if you have become infected, or if you want to prevent any spread of disease. Showering after contact and when you are going to be in a body contact activity is the best way to prevent any incidents from happening.

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