Six Agonizing Weeks Come to an End

CIS Writing and College Prep Writing students have been working hard at their biggest writing task; a trend analysis paper. These papers count for half of their grade and for most students it determines whether they pass the class or not. On Friday, May 10,  students put their final touches to their papers in order to turn them in.

“I feel like I can actually focus on other things now that I have finished it,” said Senior Hope Mueller. “I haven’t done any homework for any other classes the past two weeks.”

The time consuming paper is not only hard work for students but for teachers as well. They have the task of teaching high school students how to write and research at a college level.

“Their goal is to make their paper equivalent to a college-level paper. It’s a six week long process,” said English Teacher Vicki Cary. “It takes me about an hour to grade each paper. I have to check all of their sources. It’ll end up taking me 60 hours to grade all of the papers.”

During the six weeks the students have to do research on the topic and write about it without plagiarizing anything. This is one of the many things that they have learned how to do and how to put it all together.

“I would have to say the hardest part about the trend paper was being told I needed to restart it; getting knocked down and having to learn how to get back up again,” said Junior Jenna Lowell.  “Everything in the paper is so precise that it takes weeks to get correct.”

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