Untold Stories of the Ouija Board

An ouija board is a board that is also known as a spirit board or talking board. The board consists of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, the words “yes”, “no” and, “goodbye”. Most people who have not used an Ouija board are curious as to how they work or if they are even real.

Sydney Warehime

“I was with my friend one night and my mom pulled the board out, so we lit candles and turned off all the lights and started asking it questions. At first you’re supposed to ask for all good spirits to come but we didn’t ask for good spirits (you’re supposed too), so when a spirit started talking to us and we asked it if it was a nice spirit it said “No.” My friend and I kept asking it questions and we found out that it was a 10 year old boy named, Landon. My friend asked him how he died and you’re not supposed to ask a spirit that because they get really offended so the spirit got upset with us and when we asked if he would ever forgive us he said “No.”  We asked if he was following one of us and he said “Yes.” It was really scary and I hate talking about it.”

Clayton Schuster

“In middle school I did one and there were about 20 or so people in the room, it was pitch black and everyone was in their PJs. We asked the board “Is there anyone with us?” and the board told us that there were two girls and one was named Nicole but I can’t remember the other ones name. I’m pretty sure they were lesbian. We asked them to prove that they were actually there and then a lamp fell off a table. Then throughout the night all the drawers in the house kept opening. I thought it was really scary but it could have someone that was there messing with us.”

Tommy Gaughan

“My sister got a ouija board and we would do it a lot and mess around with it for about a year. At the beginning of 8th grade I was doing homework in my room and I turned around and there was a little boy around 7 years old just staring at me. It only lasted for about three seconds and I couldn’t move the whole time. I was the only one home at my house. I have talked to a 7 year old boy on the ouija board before.

Another time at Dallas Perkins’ house we had candles out and the lights off. We were talking to a spirit and we asked it to do something to prove itself that it was there and a door slammed shut really hard. We also asked it to move the candle left and right and it did it. Dallas was talking to a 19 year old girl who said she was from Texas and he asked her how she died. She told him that she died in a car accident. She gave us a number to call and we called it, it was disconnected and the number did have a Texas area code. I haven’t touched my ouija board since I saw that little boy and I even switched rooms in my house because it freaked me out so much.”

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