Trouble is headed to women’s ice hockey

With the 2014 Winter Olympics starting up, controversy arises with competition. Women’s Hockey was made an Olympic sport in 1998 and was first played in the Nagano Winter Olympics. Women’s hockey has been an Olympic sport for only 16 years and now, there is conversation about taking the sport out.

Team Canada and team USA are two of the favorites to win gold in men’s Olympic ice hockey in Sochi, but there are a handful of teams that could win it all.

That can’t be said for women’s Olympic hockey. It’s only the USA and Canada, no one else. They have been the dominant leaders, being the only two to capture gold since women’s hockey was added as an Olympic sport.

Junior Kendra Carlson, a BHS girls’ hockey goalie, said, “I would be pissed off if they take it out, that is all that girls look forward to because there is no NHL for girls.”

“The Olympics are as far as women hockey players can go,” said BHS girls hockey player junior Kirsten Olson. “Us younger hockey players look forward to watching the girls play in the greatest competition on Earth.”

What could be a way to turn this competition to a more maximized amount?

Teacher Kurt Konsela said, “The colleges in the United States and Canada should try to recruit more players from overseas to get the competition levels going in other countries.”

Photo by Nedral on Flickr.

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