Tatanka Yearbook Staff races to the finish line to beat COVID-19

Tatanka Yearbook staff finishes the 2020 yearbook three weeks early as a precaution

The Tatanka Yearbook staff finished the 2020 yearbook three weeks ahead of schedule as a precaution for the potential impact of the spread of COVID-19. The staff spent an additional 12 hours after school in the past two weeks to get the book done early.

Business and Academics Editor Kiaunna Kirkendall stayed after school until 9 p.m. with the rest of the staff. She made sure that every band, choir, and orchestra student was correctly identified before the end of the night. 

“Really stressful. Ten out of ten,” Kirkendall said. “I almost cried last night. The main reason it was stressful is because we didn’t have all the names for kids in certain groups. We were only 80% of the way there.”

All 49 members of staff put in additional hours in a “Worknight” for the second time in two weeks to wrap it up while still maintaining the quality that has led them to seven consecutive Best-in-Show Awards at the State level and three consecutive All-American honors. They will begin work on the 24-page Spring Supplement next week.

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