BHS students reflect on Minnesota schools closing for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year

BHS students share their thoughts on the end of the year through distance learning

In light of Tim Walz’s decision to keep Minnesota schools closed for the rest of the year, BHS students reflect on the challenges and opportunities distance learning brings. 

When BHS students first heard the whispers of schools closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic late third quarter, their reactions were mixed. Some students worried about their families. Others were concerned about their grades. However, a large number of kids high fived and celebrated a prolonged Spring Break. 

Just over a month later, Governor Tim Walz announced that students will not be coming back to school this year. For many students, with the glow of Spring Break behind them, the situation still doesn’t feel real. 

“I was really really devastated to hear that I won’t be able to have any game days for lacrosse and see my school friends,” Victoria Viteri said. 

Junior Ethan Hansen echoed this feeling of loss, saying “my initial reaction was that I’m going to miss my biggest season of baseball because I am being recruited by D1 schools so that was my biggest fear right there is that I wouldn’t be recruited but they changed the recruiting rules since the corona.”

Department of Education Commissioner Mary Ricker discussed her sympathy for these students in a press conference detailing the closures, stating, My heart is really heavy today with this announcement because of how badly children want to connect with their friends and their educators in their school settings.” 

Despite the heartbreak that comes with being unable to play the sports you love, see the people that shape you, or, for seniors, sit on the BHS steps for the last time, students are finding ways to preserve. 

“I will finish strong and remain positive that we will come back in the fall,” said junior Kate Graham. 

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