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Last Friday, it was Student Appreciation day. The students of BHS were rewarded with extended lunch periods, free ice cream and they received their 2013 Yearbooks. Many of the students enjoyed the book and their time they got to spend signing them with friends.  The reactions were both positive and negative. Here are some of the students reactions:

“I liked it. I thought it was really nicely put together,” said Senior Chris Peterson. “It was well designed.”

“I liked a lot of the pictures for sports and how it featured the Seniors. It’s supposed to be special for them,” said Junior Lexi Jovanovich.

“I liked the cover. It was creative and different, but I hated the volleyball spread because they were inaccurate with some of their facts,” said Senior Jerika Decker. “There’s not a clock in volleyball!”

“There were a lot more mistakes this year, and sports wise I don’t think they got the facts right. If they didn’t know something they just threw it in,” said Senior Austin Youngs.

“I really liked it. It’s my favorite one I’ve gotten in high school,” said Senior Danny Kruse. “I really didn’t have any complaints.”

“A lot of mistakes, but it was really well put together,” said Senior Ian Warpula.


There were also a lot of tweets about the book:

“Love the 2013 year book.” Sophomore Shannon Labat @ShannonLabat

“Some of our seniors aren’t in the yearbook.. #PoorConnorMann #andothers” Senior Emily Varner @VARNSnNOBLE

“THE YEARBOOKS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL <33333333333333333333 THEY ARE STUNNING” Freshman Allison Roethke @aroeth16

“i didnt know you could publish a book and add a page later. haha” Senior Brody Stevens @GoldSoulTheory

“I really can’t believe I’m not in the yearbook.” Senior Burgundy Mallinger @burgundy_M

“2013 YEARBOOK IS AMAZING!” Junior Caitlyn Holm @holllm

Regardless of your opinion, enjoy your 2013 Yearbooks everyone and have a great summer!

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