The Unpredictable World of Twitter

“SCHOOL’S OUT EARLY!” “SNOW DAY!” “OMG they hooked up this weekend!”

Twitter seems to be the source of all recent news and rumors at BHS.

Students are checking Twitter throughout the da,y getting updates and finding out what’s the latest news on Twitter fights or current events. Within seconds, you can be informed of an early release from school or what went on over the weekend. However, because it is social media you never know if you can entirely trust it.

“Today Twitter was blowing up with everyone saying we were going to get out at 12:30 because of a water pipe leakage, which turned out to be a lie and it was a complete let down,” said Sophomore Bo Baumann.

Even though the information on Twitter can be misleading or not accurate, most teens still believe what they see on it.

“It’s a habit and I tweet way too much, because it is always changing I always feel the urge to check it and make sure I’m not missing out on anything,” said Senior Mariah Brings.

Because of Twitter, Facebook is slowly dying off. A study from pewinternet.org shows that teens don’t even like facebook anymore, they just feel like they need to have one.

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