Snow Daze Dance Cancelled

As the bitter cold winds whip and the winter days drag on their seems like there is nothing to look forward to besides spring. In an effort to fight the winter blues NHS and the track team put together Snow Week which features dress up days and fun after school or triple a activities. The week usually ends with a dance. With Snow Week wrapping up, many students are left with the question “Where is the dance?!”

Unfortunately this year there was no dance. For many years, the dance has been a success and a good time for students. However, last year had some complications when some students abused the privilege and acted inappropriately causing the dance to be cancelled this year.

“We had some issues last year with the Snow Daze dance,” said Track Coach Scott Palmer, “some people not having appropriate behavior, but also attendance kept diving throughout the years.”

“I like when students have something to do at school,” said Activities Director Tom Bauman, “and I can honestly say, I wish students were more responsible, a few kids can just ruin it for everyone just because we had to tighten things up a bit, and wish that never would have happened, but I would not be opposed to having a dance next year or any other year.”

Fortunately though the problems at the dance last year will not hinder the plans of other upcoming events.

“This will not affect future dances, like prom,” said Bauman. “Kids get that we are really tight at prom, almost like you are going through an airport.”

The Snow Daze dance was not just for fun but it was also a lucrative fundraiser and it will be difficult to make up for the lost money.

“It was a good fundraiser for the track team,” said Palmer, “we definitely relied on some of that money, so we will have to be creative and come up with some other ways to fund what we need for this season.”

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