Dressing for Every Occasion

Photo Credit to Efrosia Piatkov
Photo Credit to Efrosia Piatkov

Most kids, teens and adults buy the clothing they wear in stores.  It probably doesn’t even cross their mind to sew their own clothes.  It’s so much easier to go out and buy clothes.  But some people have to make their own clothes.

“It takes me a couple hours to make one dress, but my mom can make two or three a day,” said Senior Efrosia Piatkov.

Piatkov is the faith of Russian Orthodox Old Believers and what she and her family believes is to “be how people were before when everyone changed”.  That means that Piatkov wears dresses to school that she has made herself because it’s what people did years ago.

“I like wearing them [dresses] because they are pretty, but I also don’t because I stand out from everyone,” Piatkov said.

Standing out isn’t a bad thing, it can make a person unique.  So with all of Piatkov’s dresses she is definitely a unique girl at our school.

“I have 33 dresses in all,” commented Piatkov.

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