Snow Day on Monday Spring Break on Friday?

Buffalo experienced a snow day this past Monday March 18th. There was no Blizzard like conditions in Buffalo so many students wondered why the day was off. Buffalo is known for being the last to call

a snow day. Having two snow days in one school year is unreal let alone in just a mere two weeks. This was an especially, odd experience because starting Friday at the end of this week Buffalo is going on Spring Break.

“I wasn’t expecting school to be cancelled at all.” Said Senior Julia Hogan  “A two hour delay maybe, if that.”

Other students are just plain upset about the Superintendent’s decision.

“I don’t think the school board is consistent with their cancellations and thats not fair for the students.” Junior Jared Bjorkland

Students have different reactions to the snow day, “I mean I’ll take a snow day any day but now the teachers are cramming a lot in for the end of the quarter for the missed day, said Hogan.

Bjorklund is also upset because Lacrosse season has started. “The season began but we can’t even start to practice outside until the snow is off the ground.”

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