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Four Best Friends Harmonize

Sitting around the lunch table, four Junior boys discuss how appealing to girls they would be if they heard their version of barbershop quartet.

Ben Lepinski, Auston Alvarez, Hunter Fonkert, and Michael Wegter were put in choir class together, the boys realized their talents for singing and decided they should sing as a group.

“We are all best friends and were all good singers, so we thought, ‘Why don’t we sing together?’” said Lepinski.

With the four of them, they met the requirements of forming a barbershop quartet.

“There is a lead, tenor, baritone, and bass,” said Wegter. “It started back in the 1900’s when four dudes would get together in a barber shop and sing, that’s why it’s called barbershop.”

The group of friends have been close since freshman year and have eating A lunch together everyday for the past three years.

“We have been best friends forever,” said Fonkert.

“Yeah, Michael is actually my uncle.” said Lepinksi.

“Hunter and I shared a hospital bed when we were born,” said Alvarez. “They didn’t have enough for everyone.”

With the constant joking and synchronized high fives, being able to sing together has brought them closer throughout the years. Finishing each others sentences, the group of boys make it obvious they all know each other too well.

Story By Bailey Hanson & Maddi Herzfeld

Video By Jake Willmert & Ben Leipholtz

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