Shaping it up: Getting Fit for the Summer and Tips to Stay Motivated

Junior Wyatt Wentland stays in shape by lifting weights, running and playing soccer.

“Ever since I tried fitting it in four months ago, I work out every single day,” Said Wentland “even with school, soccer, work, and chores at home.”

 Even with putting time into working out, you need to have a balanced diet too. Putting the time in goes hand in hand with effort and results aren’t always instant.

“People assume you see results right away but that’s not always true,” Said Senior at the University of North Dakota Cassie Jensen, “it takes four weeks for you to notice results, eight weeks for family and friends to notice and 12 weeks for other people to notice”

The key is to stay motivated and make sure you focus on different muscle groups and systems. It’s recommended that teens to 20’s work out at least five days a week per 30 minute intervals. It’s also recommended you take days out of the week where you let your body rest.

“I usually use Sunday as the day I don’t do any workouts,” said Jensen, “Your body needs days to relax and focus on another part of your fitness.”

“If you wanna get in shape it’s easier than it seems if you just put in the time even if you don’t see results you have to keep going and eventually you will see them.” Said Wentland.

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