Could There Be An Empty Sideline Next Year?

The lights are shining down bright illuminating the field and all you can seem to hear is the grunting of the football players and excited parents cheering their kids on. But in the way back of all that noise is the subtle rustling of pom poms and girl voices cheering in unison. Would people notice if that was missing next year? As of right now that is a strong possibility.

They administration are currently talking about whether to keep sideline cheer leading or to put it on the chopping block. The discussion is being put to the side as of right now and will be revisited in mid summer.

“It’s up in the air right now. We will have a sit down talk about it around July 1st.” said Activities Director Tom Bauman. 

One factor that will determine whether sideline comes back or not is if the school can even find a coach to instruct the girls.

“Last year we had issues with coaching. It was difficult to find someone who was qualified or willing to get qualified to coach the team.” said Former Sideline Cheerleader Brianna Hartke. 

“Being a cheer leading coach has more requirements than even a football coach.” said Bauman.

Picking a coach for next year will prove to be a challenge. They would like to select a coach that can teach a variety of exciting, new stunts.

“I would like for us to be able to do more impressive stunts and tumbling. Stunting is eye catching and cool to watch!” said Hartke.

Coming back next year would mean a lot to the girls. It would give them a chance to show the crowd what they can do and prove to them that they are an important part of the high school football atmosphere.

“I loved being able to show the crowd and the student body that we do more than just shake pom poms and yell.” said Hartke.

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