Seniors revive Class Color Day tradition [with video]

After a year of traditions disrupted by COVID, the senior chant returns

On the morning of September 30, 2021, the senior class of Buffalo High school gathered in the front of the building to participate in a years-old Class Color Day tradition for the first time since school was majorly disrupted by COVID-19. For the first time in two years, the seniors were prepared to flood the school with noise and chaos as they pushed through the early morning crowd on their way through the building.

“When I was a freshman, a bunch of seniors marched into the school from the rock chanting throughout the whole school while students were still out, about ten minutes before classes started, and they went into the atrium and chanted there,” said Danielle Bloomberg, a senior who took part in the festivities.

“Blew my mind,” said senior Jack Hintz. “I didn’t expect friends of mine who were seniors…to walk into school one day wearing black crop-tops and I was like ‘woah, that’s kind of funny.’”

This year, the event seemed at first glance to be just as disruptive as years before, with seniors filling up the staircase and shouting at the tops of their lungs.

“It was a great moment…it was a lot of fun,” said Hintz. “It stayed pretty similar [to what it was when I was a freshman].”

However, according to some others, it was much tamer than it was in previous years.

“It was very disappointing because when we met at the rock and the warning bell rang, Mrs. Thompson had us go back inside, and Mischke told us to go to class, and none of us did,” Bloomberg continued. “I think he realized we wanted to do the chant so he sent us on the stairs and had us say ‘seniors’ and spell it out before he sent us to class. It was just really lame and I feel like nobody really cared and no one really noticed.”

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