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What are BHS's students top 5 games on

Almost everyone knows what is, a wonderful website full of games for everyone. I remember being a kid and spending hours upon hours on this one website. In remembrance of this amazing site and the wonders it holds, I asked the students of Buffalo High School what their favorite game on was. Here are BHS’s top 5 Cool Math Games.

#5: Red Ball

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Everybody’s favorite bouncing buddy! Red Ball is a game that quite a few students like at BHS. Originally developed By Eugene™ and published by PoopingFartingBall but you can find it easily at You play as this wonderful red ball who’s just trying to save the earth from the evil black squares, who want to squeeze the poop into a toilet tube. With its colorful style and bathroom-based gameplay, Red Ball bounced into the hearts of many students at BHS.

#4: Duck Life

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Duck life is an online racing adventure game, complete with your own cute little ducky friend. You can spend time training them until they are the ultimate champion, feeding them until they burst, or even customize your little friend to your heart’s desire. When asked why they love this game so much, students reported it was “Very addicting and nostalgic.” Wattle your way to victory and entertainment with this classic game.

#3: Fire Boy and Water Girl

Next up, one of my personal favorites, Fire Boy and Water Girl! This is one of the few games that you can play alone or with a friend! Students say it’s one of their favorites because “Trying to solve a simple puzzle with a friend when you both suck and die constantly was always fun.” So if you want to spend time goofing off with your friend, or even enjoy the challenge of using both of your hands, Fire Boy and Water Girl is the game for you.

#2: Run

Second place for all-time favorite Cool Math Games goes to…Run! A series of platform games about aliens traveling through space. You can play as a little grey alien just trying to map out the expansive universe, and even unlock other funky aliens the further you go. If you’re ever bored during class, or simply need to space out for a little bit, then this game is for you! Go and enjoy the fun colors and speedy paths of a game students love.

#1: Papa’s Games

Last but certainly not least, our top game from is the Papa’s Games! Specifically, Papa’s Pizzeria and Papa’s Freezeria. Play as an employee at many different shops and scramble to please the customers with the different styles of food. These simple but busy games have stolen the heart of the student body of BHS. People love these restaurant games, whether you are making scrumptious pizza, delicious donuts, or even extremely edible ice cream.

Honorable Mention: There Is No Game

One of my personal favorites, a game that tells you that there simply is no game. It’s not the most traditional not-game to play but it’s very interactive and tells you a good story. If you want to try and play this not-game and any of the other actual games, head on over to

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