Seniors make their futures official on Decision Day

Seniors declare their post graduation plans

On May 1 — National College Decision Day — Seniors across the nation declared their future plans. Whether that be a two or four year school, Military, a Gap Year, students wore post-college plan colors or gear to represent their decisions.

For some, this day can be emotional and a reminder that they are almost done with high school. High school is just a small but important part of someone’s life so declaring post-graduation plans is a big deal.

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Brian Miller ‘19 declared his decision to continue his education at Saint John’s University in St. Joseph, MN.

“College is college,” Miller said. “It’s exciting.”

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Staying somewhat close to home, Gina DiOrio ‘19 was honored with being pre-accepted to the Bethel University Nursing program where she is continuing her education in the fall.

“I feel great [committing to college] and excited. I’ve been really excited for the freedom and moving away from Buffalo,” DiOrio said.

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Some students, like Mackenzie Pawelk, sought education in other states. Pawelk is continuing her studies at North Dakota State University next school year.

“Deciding on a college feels organized. It’s nice to know where I’m going what I’m doing, and having everything figured out,” Pawelk said.

As the last month of High School comes to a close seniors appreciate the time they’ve spent at BHS and look forward to what the future holds.

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