Riley Habisch: Bison Hall of Famer

Riley Habisch and Sarah Burke get inducted into the Bison Hall of Fame.

Riley Habisch and Sarah Burke were recently inducted into the Buffalo High School Hall of Fame. For Habisch, his hard work in the classroom and character have led him to receive this award.

Every year the Buffalo High School picks five boy nominees and five girl nominees for the Hall of Fame. BHS Teachers then vote for one boy and one girl to be in the hall of fame of Buffalo High School and get their pictures on the wall in the front entrance forever.

“To get nominated, I just had to be myself,” Habisch said. “I didn’t specifically change myself for the award. I was just a good student and good person.”

Being announced as a candidate, and ultimately winning the prized award, was a very special moment for Habisch.

“I was pretty honored to be announced,” Habisch said. “Being with all those other candidates was cool. They’re all great people.”

Habisch did not expect to be nominated for the award, let alone to win it. 

“I didn’t know if I would get it,” he said. “There was a lot of people out there doing great things. I was just happy to be nominated.”

A lot of people are great students, and even better people. But being even more than that, is what this award recognizes. Riley had some great advice for the next class to come.

“All of the other winners and candidates were hardworking people,” Habisch said. “I mean, find your passion, work hard at it, and have fun with it.”

Those three steps to success can lead to great things. Riley Habisch (and Sarah Burke) have clearly done both. That’s why they were chosen the two most fit to represent this award.

Photo by Rob LaPlante

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