Retirees reflect on their time at BHS

Mundahl, Warzetha, Mattson, and West enter the final days of their careers

With the last few days of the school year approaching it’s a bittersweet time for lots of people. This year it includes teachers Ms. Mundahl and Mr. West, Secretary Bette Mattson, and Custodian Brian Warzetha who are all retiring. Together they have been a part of BHS Schools for 103 years. They all took some time to reflect on their time here at BHS.

“The most rewarding part of my job is when the set ups for events are done and nothing is missed,” said Warzetha.

“Being able to watch my students learn and grow, and helping teach the life lesson they’ll use forever,” West said is the most rewarding part.

“The most rewarding part of my job”, said Mattson “is making kids smile.”

When asked about their favorite part of the job everyone mentioned the people around them.

“The day-to-day interactions with students,” said Mundahl.

“The people who take the time just to say hello or having a good evening, it can really put you in a good mood,” said Warzetha.

“My favorite part,” said West. “Is getting to work with kids everyday and great people every day and I get to go with my wife and kids every day, those are big pluses.”

“The thing I’m going to miss most is my students who are so curious and amazed when they resolve an issue- they prove to themselves they are competent and moving toward independent adulthood,” said Mundal.

“The great energy here, I’m going to miss the most,” said Mattson.

While they all reflected on their time here at BHS, they also thought about their future and what lies ahead.

Warzetha talked about wanting to “reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen when working the second shift, spend time with my grandkids, visit state parks, and ride more of the bike trails. “

“My top priority is to be more available for my two daughters when they need me. I like learning, so maybe take some classes. I want to become active again in my professional association. This is just a transition to having more time to do other things. Hopefully, this will be a better life balance,” said Mundahl.

West said, “I’m going to finish up house projects, hunt and spend more time outdoors, and enjoy more family time.”

“Nothing’s certain right now, but trying out something different like little jobs, volunteering, being more available for my grandkids’ events… not sure, but I’m excited about this new adventure in my life,” Mattson said.

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