Red; White, and Pink?

The day of love at Buffalo High School; boys and girls carrying chocolates and flowers bought outside of school through the halls for their significant other; friends, or favored teachers. For the first time at BHS this February for upcoming Valentines day there was the option for three days to buy carnations here in the student locker bays.

The idea of selling flowers to the students was brought up by the Students Stepping Up (SSU) executive council, a small group of seven students; including senior Katie Glen; under the advisory of social studies teacher Tracy Hulley.

The members of SSU had expected to sell possibly close to 100 carnations, but after interviewing Hulley on the matter the total carnations sold had racked up to a total of 640.

“I think it’s a nice thing to offer,” explained Hulley. “I did not expect it to be so successful.”

Students from all grades bought an average of one flower; some students buying increasingly large amounts; as much as 10-20. The most popular had been the red carnation meant for love, then pink for friendship, and white meant for a secret admirer.

The carnations were prepped and ready to be handed out Thursday; where they would be delivered to the students through their first block class in small containers filled with water to keep them from drying out.

“This is a great thing that the upperclassmen can share with the younger kids,” principal Mark Mischke says. “Some students may have not experienced it before now.”

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