With only 1 day left, some students are panicking.  They don’t have much time.  And it’s not unusual that students panic at the end of the year.  Trying desperately to get in missing assignments and doing anything to get a good grade.  Procrastinators all around the school are trying not to fail.  On the other hand, many more responsible students aren’t worried.  “I don’t have anything I desperately need to do.”  Freshman Matt Fenton said;  “I’m not concerned about any late work.”  But less responsible students don’t have the luxury of not worrying.  And many would argue that it’s their fault.  They deserve it for not working hard enough.  But do chronic procrastinators deserve to fail?  This paper says it may not be the procrastinators fault at all, being a problem of upbringing or even genetics and biological problems.

But no matter what recent studies show, procrastination is unarguably a cause of great stress towards the end of the school year, resulting in failing grades and crushed dreams.  Good luck to those brave, irresponsible souls who have to stay up until 2am working.  You brought it upon your selves.

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Max Nagel

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