Adiós Señora Eiynck

Next year, BHS’s beloved Spanish teacher, Nancy Eiynck, Known as ‘Señora’ by many, will no longer be a teacher at BHS. Instead, Señora Eiynck has accepted a new position in the district. She will be the new Diversity and Curriculum Integration Coordinator (DCIC). In this job, Señora Eiynck will provide diversity services for the students and families of the BHM School District.

“It will be a new experience,” Says Eiynck, “But I will miss my students a lot. Yet, I intend to keep strong connections with my students in my new position.”

Now the million dollar question, Who will be taking her position?

“We are currently looking for a new candidate. The position has been posted.” Says Eiynck.

Not only is Señora Eiynck leaving her position, But she is leaving behind some sad colleagues as well.

“I was really sad of course the first weekend and I am trying to keep a positive attitude about all of this.” Says Spanish 1 teacher Mr. (Señor) Boeckers.

Along with sad colleagues, Students have not been too happy either.

“I’m really mad,” Says Sophomore Callie Liska,” I am going to miss her. She is a really good teacher and people are going to miss out on the opportunity of having her as a teacher.”

Though some people may be sad or disappointed, new experiences create new memories. BHS wishes good luck to Señora Eiynck and her new position!

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